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Behind the Scenes.

Behind the Scenes at Coolblue

Upcoming events

Below you'll find the upcoming events which we'll either be hosting, or attending. Don't miss out!

29 November 2018
Behind the Scenes Delphi
A new Behind the Scenes is coming up. This time we'll cooperate with Barnsten. Our Developers will tell you about using virtual interfaces for consuming external APIs, data access abstraction and injectable function calls. Besides that they will share experiences in transforming a monolith back office application into a service oriented on.

About Behind the Scenes

Curious as to what goes on behind the scenes at the IT Development department of one the largest e-commerce companies of the Benelux? Wonder no more, because we'd love to have you over at one of our Behind the Scenes events!

During these events our developers will share with you their work, insights and lessons learned. Afterwards, there's a tour of our office and we wouldn't be Coolblue if we didn't wrap up with a few drinks at our own in-office bar. Sounds good? Simply sign up for updates on future events and you'll be the first to know when the next one is coming up!

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Previous events

Below you'll find our previous events, just to give you an idea of what we've been up to. Don't worry, there's always a new event right around the corner. Just sign up so you don't miss out!

9 October 2018
Behind the Scenes Agile
During this Behind the Scenes event, you'll learn how we deal with scaling in our growing Agile environment.
22 March 2018
Behind the Scenes - Data Science
During this Behind the Scenes event, you'll learn about Data Science.
26 October 2017
Behind the Scenes - Big Data Processing and Orchestration
During this Behind the Scenes you'll find out how the Data Engineering Team turned to Python, Spark and Airflow to keep up with Coolblue's growth.
17 October 2017
Behind the Scenes - Architects at Coolblue
During this behind the scenes we will show you how our architects work together with teams and stay away from presentations and tree-thick documentation. Not only by telling you how we roll, but also showing you with examples that illustrate some of our key principles.
12 September 2017
Behind the Scenes - Mobile
Join us for this session where Joey and hindrik will take you through our adventure while architecting our brand new mobile app and where Sander and Fernando tells you how to get to BDD heaven.
18 May 2017
dotNET meetup
We'll host the next dotNET meetup. Presentations by Glenn Versweyveld and our own Sander van Vliet.
9 May 2017
Behind the Scenes - Cloud
Join us for this session where our cloud deployment team will take you through our journey to the cloud. We will show you how we got from pets in our kitchen cabinet to cattle in the AWS cloud using infrastructure as code.
4 April 2017
Behind the Scenes - PHP
Join us for this session where Bart will take you through our adventure of making our webshops compatible with other languages and Hannes van de Vreken will explain the interfaces defined by PSR-7 and the real power of shared interfaces for HTTP object.
21 February 2017
Behind the Scenes - Utilising Elastic Stack in .Net development
Join us for this session where Pat will go through how we integrate with the Elastic Stack - from Development all the way to Production, and Nathan will discuss refactoring some of our existing applications to support this new requirement using the Mikado method.
9 February 2017
UX Insight Conference
We're attending UX Insight Conference 2017
27 and 28 January 2017
PHP Benelux Conference
We're attending PHP Benelux Conference 2017
17 November 2016
NLHTML5 Meetup - All about progressive web apps
We host the next NLHTML5 Meetup. Presentations by Christiaan Laarman (Front-end Developer @ Coolblue), Frank Broersen (Google) and Ola Gasidlo (Styla, Berlin)
22 November 2016
UX Research Meetup
We host the next UX Research Meetup.
27 October 2016
Behind the Scenes - Continuous Deployment and big legacy codebases
During this event we'll tell you everyting about how we deploy continuously and multiple times per day and share our knowledge about working with big legacy codebases. Presentations by Hans Dubois and Donatas Aleksandravicius - PHP Developers.
13 October 2016
010PHP Meetup - PHP 7.1 : elegance of our legacy & Dockerize your unit tests
We host the next 010PHP Meetup. Presentations by Damien Seguy and Michelangelo van Dam.
27 September 2016
UX Cocktail Hour
During this event we'll show you some insights of our first mobile app and we'll tell you everything about creating user journeys. Presentations by Charlotte de Hilster and Julia Fonck - UX Designers at Coolblue
19 July 2016
Behind the Scenes - PHP
Learn everything about PHP 7 and our lessons learnt in scaling our code review process. Presentations by Thijs Feryn - Combell and lead the PHPBenelux community and Sander Bol - PHP Developer at Coolblue.
5 July 2016
Behind the Scenes Continuous Integration & Deployment
Learn everything about our process from code to production and let's look into the crystal ball of DevOps on Windows at Coolblue. Presentations by Flynn Bundy, Matt Hodgkins and Chris Throp.
23 June 2016
DotNET Meetup at Coolblue Hololens Demo by Dennis Vroegop.
14 June 2016
Behind the Scenes at Coolblue
Learn all about mobile awareness and applying scrum within Infrastructure. Presentations by Kristian Spek, Johan de Groot en Max Wegener.
24 May 2016
Behind the Scenes at Coolblue
Learn all about Front-end - Presentations by Niels Gerritsen, Anne Lotte Engelse and Elwin Schmitz
21 April 2016
Behind the Scenes at Coolblue
During this event our Developers will give you a peek Behind the Scenes about Building and maintaining a modern .NET back office infrastructure. Presentations by Michiel van Oosterhout & Pat Hermens
16 April 2016
Paul van Dam at React Amsterdam
Coolblue sponsors React Amsterdam at Pllek in Amsterdam. Lined up speakers are Facebook's Tadeau Zagallo, PayPal', Jamis Charles and Coolblue's Paul van Dam
26 January 2016
Behind the Scenes at Coolblue
During this event our UX team will give you a peek Behind the Scenes and share our insights and lessons learned. Presentations by Jeffrey Simons & Mirela Kahrimanovic

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