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Update Acer drivers

A driver ensures that components in your Acer laptop (such as a webcam) and programs continue to run properly. It's important to update drivers regularly so that you always have the latest version. This keeps your laptop working well for longer. In this article, I explain how to update the drivers for your Acer laptop.

1. Start Acer Care Center

Start the Acer Care Center.

Open the Windows start menu and type 'Acer Care Center'. If all goes well, Acer Care Center appears in the program list. Start the program by clicking on it.

2. Go to the update menu

Go to the update menu.

Once the Acer Care Center has started, you'll see a number of buttons. Click on the 'Update' button.

3. Check for updates

Check for updates.

On the next screen, click on 'Check for updates'. Wait until the process is complete. Don't have any drivers that need an update? Beautiful! If so, you can close the Acer Care Center and you're done. Are there drivers that need an update? If so, click on 'Update all'.

4. Update and restart

Wait until the update process is complete and close the Acer Care Center. Next, restart the laptop. Your Acer laptop is now equipped with the latest drivers. This way, the laptop will continue to function optimally for longer.

5. Finally

Your Acer laptop is ready for use. Repeat the above steps every once in a while to ensure that you are completely up to date.

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