Written by Jimmy

3 ways my MacBook works with my Apple Watch

These days, I'm completely part of the Apple ecosystem, which offers a lot of convenient extras for me. For instance, my Apple Watch and MacBook interact in different ways to ensure my digital activities run smoothly. In this article I'll talk about 3 handy ways in which my MacBook works together with my Watch.

What do I need?

In order to be sure that all the methods described in this list work, I make sure I have the following things.

  • Apple Watch with WatchOS 3
  • Mid-2013 Apple MacBook or newer
  • Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on
  • MacBook and Apple Watch are using the same Apple ID

1. Unlocking my MacBook

Pretty much any device these days asks me for my password if I want to use it. That's a great way to keep strangers from accessing your files, but it's not that great if you want quick access to your devices. Luckily, thanks to my Apple Watch, I don't have to enter a password when I get back behind my MacBook after a quick break. I press a button and my Apple MacBook unlocks automatically when my Apple Watch is near. I can turn this on in System Preferences → Security and Privacy → Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.

2. Control iTunes

On my way to work, I often use my Apple Watch to skip to a next song on my Apple iPhone. Once I get behind my MacBook, I continue listening to music. With the right settings, I can also use my Apple Watch for controlling iTunes on my Apple MacBook. I open the remote app on my Apple Watch, after which a similar icon appears in iTunes' task bar on my Apple MacBook. I enter the 4-digit code displayer on my Apple Watch on my Apple MacBook and I can now easily control my music from my wrist.

3. As a clicker in Keynote

The third way I use my Apple Watch requires Apple Keynote on both my MacBook and my iPhone. I turn on remote controls in the Keynote preferences on my iPhone and connect my iPhone. I then open Keynote on my iPhone and also switch on the remote function there. Before my presentation starts, I open the Keynote app on my Apple Watch, and easily click through the slides via my wrist.

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