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Choosing the screen of my laptop: what should I keep in mind?

The screen is one of the most important parts of a laptop. The screen size determines the size of the laptop, while the resolution indicates the sharpness of the screen. This article explains which screen suits your usage situation best.

Short explanation of specifications

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Resolution: The quality of the image is determined by the screen resolution. The higher the resolution is, the sharper the image. A Full HD screen has 1,920x1,080=2,073,600 pixels. A larger amount of pixels gives a more detailed image. Panel type: An IPS panel has a large viewing angle, better color representation, and displays clearer contrasts. A TN panel doesn't have these features. Coating: An anti-glare coating makes sure there are less reflections of the sun or lights on your screen. A glossy screen, on the other hand, has brighter colors.

Choose the right screen size

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The larger the screen, the larger your laptop. The larger your laptop, the harder it is to bring with you. When choosing a screen size, you should ask yourself: do I just want to use my laptop at home, or do I also want to easily bring it with me? This way, you'll end up with 3 categories: Suitable for use on the go: Up to 15 inches Suitable for use at home and on the go: 13 to 15 inches Suitable for use at home: 17 inches

Internet, email, and word processing

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Do you use your laptop for nothing more but a few basic tasks? If so, it doesn't really mater what kind of screen you choose, since each screen is suitable for this. Think about whether you want to take the laptop with you or use it at home only. If you want to take it with you a lot, it's wise to opt for a smaller screen. A good choice would be a size from 1 up to 15 inches.

Editing photos and videos

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An IPS screen is indispensable when you're working on a photo or video project. Colors have to be true-to-life to achieve the best result. Also opt for a screen with at least a Full HD resolution so that details are clearly displayed. It's also important to have a large screen. You don't want to be stooped in front of your screen to be able to see everything. A 15 or 17-inch laptop is a good choice.

Watch series and movies

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Are you a true Netflix addict? The most important thing for you to choose is a screen with a high resolution. To be able to watch with multiple people, you opt for an IPS panel with a large viewing angle. A 4K resolution is the best option, but unfortunately also pricey. I recommend at least a Full HD resolution so you can optimally enjoy your movies and series. Do you watch a lot of series on the go and on the train? Opt for a smaller screen so you can easily take the laptop with you.


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You need a screen with at least Full HD resolution to be able to dominate each game. A 4K screen is nice, but you do need a strong and therefore expensive video card to be able to play games at high settings. On top of that, a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz or 144Hz is a good choice if you play fast shooters. This displays the action as smoothly as possible. G Sync or FreeSync makes sure you won't be bothered by tearing and stuttering.

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