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Which iPad size suits you?

If you're looking for an Apple iPad, it can be hard to make a choice. The Apple iPad comes in many shapes and sizes. Are you going for a manageable iPad Mini, or is the bigger iPad Pro a better match for you? In this article, you'll read all about what to keep in mind when choosing the right size iPad.

Fits in one hand

Apple iPad Mini fits in one hand

The iPad model that really distinguishes itself in size is the iPad Mini. With a 7.9-inch screen, this is the smallest iPad in the family. The iPad Mini is small enough to easily hold in one hand. If you have large hands, you could even operate this size with one hand. This version is useful if you travel a lot and want to watch a series or play a game on the go on a slightly larger screen than your phone.

Watch movies and edit photos

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches draw and watch a series

Do you use your iPad to watch movies or edit photos? In that case, we recommend an iPad model with a larger screen. You'll then have more screen space to make beautiful creations. And if you often use your iPad to edit texts on the go, a larger screen just works more comfortably. So choose an iPad Pro 12.9 inches, for example. This is the largest iPad. On top of that, it's easy to connect a Smart Keyboard to this model and other models, so text editing is even easier.

Size versus screen size

The size of the entire iPad and the screen aren't the same. This is because of the casing of the iPad and the bezel around the screen. The iPad Pro 11 inches, for example, has a larger screen than the iPad 10.2 inches, but the dimensions of the iPad are the same. Do you want a small and manageable iPad? The iPad Mini 5 is the smallest iPad in both size as well as screen size. If you prefer to go big, choose an iPad Pro 12.9 inches. This is the largest iPad and it also has the largest screen.

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