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Advice on a computer's speed

It's difficult to determine how fast a computer feels. One person's sense of speed can be completely different from the other person. It's truly a personal preference. Even so, in order to make things a bit easier for you, we've made a ranking of fast computers. This ranking is divided into the categories fast, faster, fastest. This way, you'll still have a sense of how a fast a certain computer is.


In this category, you'll find the computers that don't feature any parts that help make it faster. The computers in this category feature a Core i3 processor at best and a standard hard drive. It takes about 1 minute for computers in this category to fully boot. The software also won't load very quickly due to the lack of a powerful processor. Even so, computers in this category are attractively priced.

Computers in this category feature:

  • A Core i3 processor at best
  • A HDD


Computers that belong to the 'fast' category feature a powerful processor, but lack an SSD. Or it's the other way around, they feature an SSD but lack a powerful processor. A lot of mini PCs feature an SSD, for example, but lack a strong processor. Yet, even a PC with an Intel Core i5, but without an SSD, belongs to the 'fast' category. Computers without an SSD are slower to boot, but can easily handle demanding software, whereas PCs with an SSD are quick to boot but can't handle demanding software due to the lack of a powerful processor.

**PCs in this category feature: **

  • An SSD and an Intel Core i3 processor at best
  • An HDD and an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor


Desktops that belong to the 'faster' category feature an SSD, an Intel Core i5 processor, and sometimes an extra hard drive. Not only do these PCs boot within 15 seconds, they can also handle demanding software without any hiccups. You can use these computers to work with Photoshop or large Excel files.

Desktops in this category feature:

  • An SSD
  • An Intel Core i5 processor


The fastest PCs are suitable for any type of software. These computers are fully booted within 10 seconds and can easily handle multiple demanding programs simultaneously. These desktops are equipped with the best hardware, such as an Intel Core i7 processor and a PCIe SSD. These SSDs are faster than regular SSDs, which means that software boots even faster on these PCs.

The fastest computers feature:

  • An Intel Core i7 processor
  • A PCIe SSD
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