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How do I choose the right iPhone size?

You're looking for a new iPhone and are almost certain you want the Apple iPhone Xs. But you're still in doubt when it comes to the size. Do you want the Apple iPhone Xs? Or should you choose the Apple iPhone Xs Max? In this article, you can read what you should keep in mind when deciding between the regular version and a Plus or Max version.

Choose an iPhone size

We'll help you choose the right size by addressing the following topics:

  • The difference between the regular, Plus, and Max versions
  • The iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr are intermediate models
  • The difference between size and screen size
  • Operate a screen with one hand

The difference between the regular, Plus, and Max versions

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

A lot of Apple devices have a bigger version. For example, the Apple iPhone 8 also has a 'Plus' version and the Apple iPhone Xs has a 'Max' version. The difference between these two versions is mainly the screen size. In addition, the Plus and Max models tend to have more RAM and/or a larger battery.

Medium-sized: iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro (Max)

Compared to other iPhones of the same generation, the iPhone Xr and iPhone 11 are in the middle of the range. They'll suit you if the regular version is too small and the Max version is too big. The Apple iPhone 11 is slightly bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro and slightly smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. In terms of size, the iPhone Xr is between the smaller iPhone Xs and the bigger Xs Max.

Size or screen size

Screen with bezels size

Size and screen size are two different measurements. For example, the Apple iPhone 8 has a screen with bezels that make the phone bigger. This also applies to the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, so the device is even bigger. The latest iPhone models don't have bezels, so the difference between the phone and the screen size is smaller.

Operate with one hand: a small screen

iPhone in 1 hand

Quickly sending a message to your friends with one hand and holding a shopping cart in the other? That's an efficient way to multitask. But it's easier said than done if your phone is so big that you can't operate the whole screen with your thumb. When you choose an Apple iPhone, you should always check how often you use your phone with one hand. Do you like to type with two hands or have bigger hands than average? A Plus or Max model will probably suit you better.

Watch movies and play games: a large screen

Gaming and watching movies on an iPhone

Do you like playing games in the dentist's waiting room or having the occasional Netflix marathon on your iPhone? There's nothing like getting lost in an abundance of details like that. The larger the screen, the more life-like your favorite characters will seem.

Carry in your pocket: a small screen

iPhone in pocket

Many women have already given up hope of being able to safely carry their iPhone in their pocket. Either the phones are too big, or the pockets too small. But if you do have bigger pockets, it would be nice if it your phone actually fit in them. The best way to improve that possibility is to buy an iPhone that's as small as possible.


iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs

Consider a Plus or Max version if you... *... prefer to operate your phone with 2 hands. *... tend to get carried away by games, movies, and series. *... don't plan on carrying your Apple iPhone in your pocket.

Consider a regular version if you... *... value being able to operate your phone with one hand. *... like to carry your Apple iPhone in your pocket. *... want to spend as little money as possible. Regular versions are more affordable than Max and Versions.

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