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How do I disconnect my dryer?

When we deliver your new dryer, you want to have your old dryer picked up. You want this process to go smoothly so you don't get stuck with your old appliance. Make sure you disconnect your dryer beforehand. You can read how to do this quickly and easily here.

Step 1: disconnect your dryer from the power grid.

Removing the connector from the socket

Turn off the dryer and remove the connector from the socket

Step 2: empty the drum

Dryer drum

Check if there is still laundry in the drum. You don't want to lose your favorite shirt, of course.

Step 3: remove hose from the drain

Condensation drain hose drain

Remove the condensation drain hose from the drain. Some water may come out of the hose. Hold the hose over a bucket and let the water drip out.

Step 4: attach the hose

Condensation drain hose dryer

Tape the condensation drain hose on the back of the dryer with the opening upwards. Tape you keep the hose in place. This way, you don't have to worry about water getting on your floor when you remove the dryer.

Step 5: Empty the water reservoir

Empty the water reservoir

Don't have a water drain and do you use the condenser reservoir? Make sure that this reservoir is completely empty. The dryer is now ready for the delivery drivers. Have it ready at the front door of your home on the ground floor.

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