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Perform a clean installation of Windows 10

When your laptop does not start up anymore and you've tried everything to fix it, there's often only one thing left to do: running a clean installation of Windows 10. This removes all personal files, apps, and drivers. However, it could mean that you have a working laptop again after performing the clean installation. I explain below how it works.

Use a working laptop

  • Go to the Microsoft website on a working laptop to download software.
  • Download the media creation tool from Windows 10 and then run it.
  • Select Create installation media for another PC.
  • Choose a language, version and architecture (64 bits or 32 bits).
  • Follow the steps to create the installation media, and then select Finish.

Back to your own laptop

  • Connect the installation media you created to the non-working PC and switch it on.
  • On the initial installation screen, enter your language and other preferences and select Next. If you do not see the installation screen, your PC may not be configured to boot from a drive. Refer to the PC manufacturer's website for more information on changing the boot order of your PC and try again.
  • Select Install now.
  • On the Enter a Product Key page, enter Windows with a product key if you have one. If you have a free upgrade to Windows 10, or have purchased and activated Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store, choose Skip and Windows will be automatically activated later.
  • On the License Terms page, select I accept the license terms and then select Next
  • Select Custom on the page What type of installation do you want to perform?
  • On the Where do you want to install Windows page, select Where? A partition, if necessary, select the formatting option that you want to execute and follow the instructions.
  • When you're done, click Next
  • Follow the remaining steps and then the installation is complete

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