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Advice on the build quality of a laptop

Do you take your laptop with you often? Or are you quite clumsy? It might be a good idea to choose a laptop with a sturdy build. Classifying laptops based on build quality is quite difficult, because what one person thinks is sturdy, is not sturdy enough for someone else. To give you a good indication, we created 3 categories: basic, mid-range, and top-notch.

How do we determine build quality?

When we consider the build quality of a laptop, we think it's most important whether it's been military-tested or not. In this case, the laptops are tested on whether they're dustproof, waterproof, and how they perform in extreme temperatures. The material of the casing is very important for the build quality. Finally, we also think it's important whether a laptop has a spill-resistant keyboard.


A laptop with basic build quality.

The casing of these laptops consists of more affordable materials, such as plastic, and will therefore feel less solid and durable. The advantage is the low price tag these laptops often have. The disadvantage is the fact that these laptops can take a hit.

A laptop in this category has:

  • A plastic casing.


A laptop with mid-range build quality.

These laptops feel decent. Sturdy hinges, a stable keyboard, and a casing that often contains a mix of plastic and metal. Because of this, these decent laptops can take a hit.

A laptop in this category has:

  • A metal casing.


A laptop with high-end build quality.

Did your laptop fall from your chair, or did you accidentally sit or stand on it? No worries, these laptops can survive a crash. The casing of these laptops mainly consists of metal and is therefore very sturdy. Military-tested laptops are always in this class, because they're tested on dust resistance, water resistance, and performance under extreme temperatures.

A laptop in this category has:

  • A metal casing and a spill-resistant keyboard.
  • A laptop that's military tested is always in the top-notch category.

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