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Which MacBook is suitable for Technical and IT students?

You've started a technical or IT study, or you'll be starting one soon. With both studies, you'll soon notice that a good laptop is a must. We believe the most suitable MacBook models for these studies are within the same range. Here, you can read which MacBook models those are.

Do you fit this profile?

The MacBook Pro

Are you studying IT to become a software engineer, information analyst, or an IT administrator? Or are you enrolled in a technical course such as Space Technology or Engineering? That means you attend lectures, work on projects, and do one or more internships. For your studies, you use graphics programs like SolidWorks to create 3D models or Xcode to program with. Other programs for technical students include Adobe Suite, Maple, and AutoCAD.

Suggested model

International keyboard (QWERTY) | Intel Core i7 2.6GHz (9th-gen) - 16GB - 512GB SSD | AMD Radeon Pro 5300M
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When you add together all of these specifications, you get an Apple MacBook Pro 16 inches with 16GB RAM and 512GB of storage capacity. You can use demanding programs such as AutoCAD without problems. You'll also work comfortably on the large screen.

RAM and storage

SolidWorks MacBook Pro

When it comes to programming, the memory your MacBook is key. The software you program with uses a lot of memory. Do you also multitask a lot? You'll need at least 16GB RAM for all your tasks. Coding and programming doesn't require much memory, so 256GB is more than enough for that. Unless you also want to store large 3D models. Choose 512GB in that case, or buy an external storage device.

VIdeo card

The MacBook Pro video card

For graphics programs like AutoCAD, you need a good video card. We call this a dedicated video card. A dedicated video card has RAM of its own, which your MacBook uses for graphic tasks such as rendering 3D models. If you don't run graphics programs and spend most of the time coding, this won't be necessary. Choose a shared video card instead. Keep in mind that you can only find dedicated video cards for the MacBook Pro 16 inches. All other models use shared video cards.


The MacBook Pro display

Which screen size you choose depends on your requirements. If you don't use graphics programs often and if easy transport is especially important to you, choose a 13-inch model. Do you need a dedicated video card, because you often run graphics software? Choose the 16-inch model. If you find a larger screen more comfortable to work with, also choose the 16-inch model. This 2kg model is less easy to transport, though.

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