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How do you measure the niche dimensions of a built-in fridge?

If you buy a new fridge, you'll have to carefully measure your niche dimensions. This way, you avoid the built-in fridge not fitting the niche, or the front panel not exactly fitting and preventing your fridge door from opening. In this article, I'll tell you how you can precisely measure the right dimensions for your built-in fridge. Most problems occur with built-in fridge freezer combinations, as those have 2 doors. To grab the bull by its horns, I'll start with this model.

How do I measure the niche dimensions of my built-in fridge freezer combination?

Visual of the important niche dimensions of a fridge freezer combination?

When measuring a fridge-freezer combination, it is important that you measure the height of the nails, niche width and depth. In addition, it is also important that the lower door panel measures well. You have to take into account the excellent piece of panel at the bottom.

How do I measure the niche dimensions of my 1-door fridge?

Most important dimensions 1-door fridges

For a 1-door refrigerator, you measure the niche height, niche width and depth. Make sure that you always check these sizes with the installation drawing on the product page so that you can be sure that the refrigerator fits. With most 1-door refrigerators the depth and width are standardized, but some models have different dimensions.

How do I measure the dimensions of my under-counter fridge?

Important measurements for an under-counter fridge

The under-counter fridge is a special case. If you place a fridge under a countertop, it needs extra ventilation room. You can recognize this model by the ventilation grille at the back. An under-counter fridge has a standard niche height of 82 centimeters. You can adjust this with height-adjustable legs. The installation drawing will tell you to which degree you can adjust the height of your under-counter fridge. Measure the niche width and depth and see if they match the dimensions on the installation drawing.

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