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What can you expect from an affordable smartphone?

Affordable smartphones have plenty of functionalities these days. But how do they keep them so affordable? There's obviously a trade-off between quality and cost. The question is: what are you willing to concede, quality-wise? And are there any benefits? Read on to find out how an affordable price affects 5 specifications of a smartphone.

1. A lower screen resolution.

Smartphone screen.

The resolution of affordable smartphone screens is lower than those of more expensive models. Especially the pixel density (PPI: pixels per inch) plays an important role. A higher PPI means a higher screen resolution. If you use your smartphone to watch movies or play high-end games, then you don't want to trade-off on the PPI. If you mainly use WhatsApp, scroll through your Facebook timeline, and occasionally listen to music, then the pixel density isn't that important to you.

2. A lower quality camera

Cheap smartphone camera

An affordable phone also means a simple camera. This does't necessarily translate into fewer megapixels, but you can still notice that the picture quality of the camera is simpler. Affordable smartphones often don't possess optical image stabilization, a feature that ensures blur-free shots despite camera movement. The light sensitivity is also of lesser quality. For daily use, this means that the best pictures are taken of reasonably still objects taken in broad daylight, when it's only slightly cloudy.

3. A less capable processor

Smartphone processor

The processor is the computing heart of your smartphone. The speed of the processor largely determines how fast your smartphone is. affordable phones usually possess a less capable processor. How this affects daily use? That depends. If you're an avid gamer or watch lots of movies on your smartphone, then you might get bothered by the limited processor speed. If you mostly use your phone to check social media and call your friends, then a less capable processor will do just fine.

4. Less durable materials

Smartphone materials

When you purchase an affordable smartphone, you shouldn't expect the most expensive materials. This doesn't automatically mean that choosing affordable materials negatively affects the build quality. It does mean that your phone won't be made of high-quality aluminum and glass. The casing of affordable smartphones is usually made of plastic, which is less shock-resistant than metal, so you can definitely see and feel the difference in materials. It's up to you whether or not this is a problem.

5. A longer battery life

Smartphone battery life

Because some specifications - such as screen resolution - are of a lesser quality in an affordable smartphone, the battery life gets a chance to really shine. These lesser specifications are less taxing on your battery, which means it'll last longer. This allows you to enjoy your smartphone for hours, or even days, on end without having to charge it.


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