Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-3150D

Pros and cons

According to our studio flash expert
  • Pros:
    A very complete set for the beginner studio photographer.
  • Con:
    The flashes have a limited light yield (150W). This set is not usable for larger productions.

With the Falcon Eyes SSK-3150D, you're getting a complete studio. This set is suitable for beginners with a small studio for making portraits, for example. Because the set has a compact size and is lightweight, this set may also be used on location. The SSK-3150D contains 3 flashes, 3 tripods, and 2 50x70cm softboxes, a set of color filters, and a conical snoot. The background system consists of a mounting system, a black cloth, and a white cloth. The cloths have dimensions of 2x3 meters. A trigger is also included, so you can get started right away.

For the SSK-3150D, use this modeling lamp and this flash tube.

Included by default

  • 3x Flash SS-150D
  • 3x Tripod I-2501/B (Height 2.45m)
  • B-807 Background System (BxH: Max. 213x240cm)
  • Background Cloth BC-2030/BCP-01
  • Background Cloth BC-2030/BCP-02
  • SSA-CF Color Filter Set
  • SSA-CS Conical Snoot
  • RF-DD4 Trigger Set
  • 2x SSA-SB5070ST Softbox 50x70cm
  • 3x Modeling lamp 50W (Plug)
  • 3x Flash tube
  • 3x Flash synchronization cable 2.9m
  • 3x Grid power cable



Product number
Manufacturer code
Falcon Eyes
2 years
Warranty type
Carry-in warranty

Light quality

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Connection and expansion

Type meegeleverde accessoire
Snoot, Softbox, Tripod, Trigger, Flitsbuis, Achtergrond, Instellamp, Kleurfilter, Synchronisatiekabel

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