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Get the most out of your The Bastard kamado

With the kamados from The Bastard, you can bring primitive cooking to your own garden. More than 3000 years ago, people were already preparing food in ovens made of clay. Since 2013, The Bastard is bringing out kamados with these primeval cooking techniques. With all the innovations and best materials of the moment, of course. This way, any barbecue lover can cook in a professional way.

The ceramic from The Bastard

Ceramic kamado

The Bastard kamados are made of ceramic that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions including frost, for example. The ceramic can also handle high temperatures. That makes The Bastard kamados suitable for different cooking techniques, such as slow cooking, indirect grilling, baking, and steaming. You can effortlessly keep the temperature level or quickly raise the temperature. The ceramic is very sturdy, but The Bastard offers a lifetime warranty on the ceramic in case anything goes wrong unexpectedly.

A look inside The Bastard kamado

Inside The Bastard kamado

The Bastard barbecues are delivered with everything included, so you can get started right away. This is what's included by default with The Bastard Medium and Large, for example:

  1. Precision Top - Always stays open in the desired position.
  2. Ceramic Dome - Long-term resistance from very high temperatures.
  3. Steel Grid - Made of extra heavy stainless steel.
  4. Infinity Gasket - Seals the dome perfectly and lasts for a very long time.
  5. Charcoal Basket - Creates a direct or indirect heat source with charcoal very efficiently.
  6. Heat Deflector - Thanks to the coating, the kamado is easy to clean.
  7. Fire Box - Designed for the best air circulation.
  8. Ash Lifter - Simply remove the ash from The Bastard.

The first The Bastard kamado experience

Meat off the barbecue

The Bastard got delivered and you're completely ready to use it for the first time. We'll give you a few tips for the first use.

  1. Use large pieces of good-quality charcoal. This provides a better air circulation and temperature control.
  2. Fill up the charcoal basket all the way to the edge. This way, you have enough fuel for a long barbecue session and don't have to refill it halfway through.
  3. Don't raise the temperature above 250 degrees the first 3 times you use the kamado. This way, you give the ceramic time to get used to the high temperatures.
  4. Are you finished barbecuing? Close off the air supply, so the fire goes out. You can just use the left-over charcoal next time.

Safety tips


Cooking at high temperatures comes with a couple of risks. We'll give you a couple of safety tips, so nothing bad happens. And you should always have a good look at the manual for any additional safety instructions.

  • Never use The Bastard in a closed-off room.
  • Always ensure proper ventilation. Otherwise you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • There's a fiberglass gasket between the edges of the ceramic dome and the base. Never remove this. This provides an airtight seal, so you can control the temperature properly.
  • If The Bastard is lit, don't leave it unsupervised and keep children and pets at a safe distance.
  • Never use gasoline, turpentine, benzene, alcohol, or any other comparable chemical spirits to (re)light The Bastard. Don't use The Bastard on a wooden patio or other flammable surfaces, such as dry grass, wood chips, or leaves. And keep it at least 2 meters away from flammable objects.
  • Allow The Bastard to cool down completely before you move it.
  • It's safer to pull The Bastard along on its underframe than to push it.

Flash fire A sudden supply of oxygen can cause a flash fire. Don't worry, because you can prevent this:

  • Always use heat-protective gloves.
  • When you open the dome, start by opening it just a little bit. This way, the oxygen is added to the fire gradually and you prevent a flash fire.
  • After, you can open the dome completely.

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