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Expert review of the iRobot Roomba i7 +

iRobot listens to the users of the Roomba robot vacuum. A common complaint is that the dust collector of robot vacuums is too small. The iRobot Roomba i7+ is iRobot's answer to this. This robot vacuum automatically empties its dust collector in a dust bag with room for up to 30 full containers. Whether this works? I tested this robot for you for a few weeks.

iRobot Roomba i7+

10x more suction power than the 600 series | With waste disposal station | Controlled via app and Smart Home
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  • Automatic emptying of dust collector in vacuum cleaner bag
  • 10x more suction power than the Roomba 600 series
  • Controllable via app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home
  • Gets to know each room of your house
  • If the robot empties its dust cup, this makes a lot of noise for 10 seconds


iRobot i7+ review

The light stops flashing after one hour, so I assume that the battery is charged and I start the robot. The Roomba i7+ moves through my house pretty smoothly and I can see it's scanning the space. After a few laps, it seems to know my living room well and it starts working systematically. I particularly like the sound. Nice, this means I can just keep watching TV without turning up the volume.

Empties automatically

Robot vacuums generally have a small dust collector. I have now tested several robotic vacuums, but I was very busy emptying and cleaning them. After about an hour, I send the robot back to its base station. An enormous noise follows, but after 10 seconds, the robot is silent again. I peek into the dust collector to see how clean it is. Wow! I'm seriously impressed. I can simply rinse the dust collector under the tap.

Imprint smart mapping

iRobot itself indicates that the 'imprint smart mapping' is a revolutionary part of the i7 series. This means that over time, the robot vacuum starts recognizing the rooms. Do you have voice control at home, such as Alexa or Google Home? If so, you can just ask if the robot wants to vacuum the bedroom.

High suction power and less exhaust air

High suction power less exhaust air

Another common complaint from robot vacuum owners is that the exhaust air blows the dust from the floor through the room. Since this robot vacuum has 10 times more suction power than the 600 series, I also expected a strong exhaust air. But nothing is less true. Squatting behind my robot, I went through the room to feel the exhaust air, but I felt nothing. The only result was a questioning look from my friend.


I'm very impressed with this robot vacuum. Emptying the reservoir is especially handy. I do think the sound is very loud when it's emptying the collector. Because of this, I won't switch on the robot at night, but I don't particularly mind. It takes a few laps around the house, but afterward, the robot knows every room well. Because of this, it doesn't skip anything, and I can leave the regular vacuum in the cupboard.

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