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Which video card do I need in my laptop?

If you want to game, connect your VR gear, or want to make 3D models with your laptop, you need a laptop with a dedicated video card. Only with a video card, a laptop is able to smoothly display images on your screen when you're gaming or designing. Which video card do you need for which purposes? I'll explain everything in this article.

Choose video card laptop

It's important that your laptop's video card is powerful enough for the tasks you'll be performing with it. So ask yourself the following questions:* Do I want an AMD or NVIDIA video card?* What am I going to use my laptop for?

What types of video cards are there?

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The video cards that you find in a laptop are either AMD or NVIDIA video cards. Both of these brands have a large assortment, although the top NVIDIA video cards are often a tad more powerful than AMD ones. The AMD Radeon RX cards are dedicated, while NVIDIA's GeForce cards are dedicated. Both manufacturers have cards for each usage situation. Think of what you want to do with your laptop beforehand to select the right laptop for your usage situation.

I want to use the internet and/or edit photos

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Do you simply want to watch a video on YouTube, check Instagram, or retouch your holiday photos? If so, you don't need a dedicated video card. A laptop without dedicated video card will suffice. If you want to work on photo editing, you do have to keep into account that you need at least an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor to be able to work smoothly.

I want to game

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If you want to game, you have to ask yourself which games you want to play and on which settings you want to game. The more graphically intense the games are, the more powerful the video card has to be to play with a stable amount of frames per second. Opt for at least a GTX 1650 card if you don't play too many graphically demanding games. If you want to play every game on the highest settings, you should opt for at least an RTX 2070. This way, you also have enough power for the future.

I want to game in virtual reality

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If you want to play games in VR, you need a powerful video card, and, of course, VR gear. The very minimum video card requirement for VR is a GTX 1060. If you want your games to run more smoothly or the quality of your virtual surroundings to increase, you should opt for a RTX 2070, 2080, or even a 2080Ti. This way, you'll know for sure that your VR games look good and the optimal frames per second can be reached.

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