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iPhone car chargers

iPhone car chargers

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You can charge your iPhone in the car with an iPhone car charger, so you'll always have navigations or music. Choose an Apple car charger with a cable if you also need a charging cable. You can also choose a separate car charger for your iPhone if you already have enough Lightning cable. Do you have an Apple iPhone 8 or newer? In that case, you can charge your device extra fast with a Power Delivery car charger with at least 18W power. After half an hour, your empty battery is at 50% again. Without fast charger, you'll reach 30% in the same time. Note: these fast iPhone charger for the car have an oval USB-C port. Old USB-A cables won't fit. You need a USB-C to Lightning cable to use those car chargers.

Our choice for a fast car charger for Apple with 2 ports | 18 W power | USB-C | 2 USB ports
Delivered tomorrow
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Our choice for a fast car charger for Apple with 1 port | 30 W power | USB-C | 1 USB ports
Delivered tomorrow
Our choice for a basic car charger with Lightning cable | 12 W power | Standard USB-A | 2 USB ports
Delivered tomorrow
45 W power | Standard USB-A, USB-C | 2 USB ports
Temporarily sold out
12 W power | Standard USB-A | 2 USB ports
Temporarily sold out