Coolblue's Choice Cordless circular saw

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Our choice for a circular saw on batteries
  • Plunge saw : No
  • Mini circular saw : No
  • Saw blade diameter: 150 mm
Delivered tomorrow
If you're working with the Bosch PKS 18 Li 1, you don't have to worry about any (extension) cords or sockets. The circular saw has a powerful 18-volt battery, which guarantees a 48-millimeter sawing capacity in wood. Sawing in miter is also possible: you can do this up to 36 millimeters deep. Very useful for those difficult corners of your laminate or baseboards.
Our choice for a battery-powered plunge saw
  • Plunge saw : Yes
  • Mini circular saw : No
  • Saw blade diameter: 165 mm
Delivered tomorrow
Opt for professional sawing quality in combination with the ease of a cordless machine by choosing the Makita DSP600ZJ. Thanks to the soft start function, you can keep the 18-volt circular saw under control at all times, even during the most demanding jobs. Its compact size allows you to saw along walls and floors. This version doesn't include a battery, but if you already own a Makita LXT battery, you can put it in the plunge saw without any problems.
Our choice for a battery-powered mini circular saw
  • Plunge saw : No
  • Mini circular saw : Yes
  • Saw blade diameter: 85 mm
Delivered tomorrow
If you want to perform accurate saw jobs, the Bosch UniversalCirc 12 is the circular saw that you're looking for. It runs on a 12-volt battery and is very compact, which makes it a perfectly suitable mini circular saw for detailed work. At the same time, it's also perfect for sawing boards of up to 26 millimeters thick in no time. On top of that, the saw is tiltable, so you can easily use it to saw in miter. In short, the UniversalCirc 12 is a sawing machine that you'll get to use a lot.

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