Miele induction cooktops

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With a Miele induction cooker in your kitchen, you cook safely and energy efficiently. Miele hobs are known for their high quality that lasts for years. An induction cooker only works when you put a pan on it. This ensures that your fingers do not burn when you are cooking. Always look carefully to see if you have the right niches, when you buy a built-in hob from Miele. This is very close. You can find the dimensions of the induction hobs in the product specifications on the product page.

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  • Standard cooktops cutout width: 56 cm
  • Preparation quality: High-end
  • Cooktop width: 55-65cm
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  • Standard cooktops cutout width: 75 cm
  • Preparation quality: Mid-range
  • Cooktop width: 75 to 85cm
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