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Tefal fryer

Tefal fryer

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In the Tefal fryer, you can prepare crispy fries and snacks for a nice evening with family or for a party. Tefal fryers come in various types and sizes. You can choose from a traditional Tefal deep fryer, in which you fry in oil or fat and in which French fries and croquettes are ready quickly. Or you can opt for the Tefal air fryer, with which you prepare various dishes with 1 spoon of oil and hot air. There are Tefal fryers available for small families with 2 to 3 people and for larger families of 5 people or more. This way, you choose the right Tefal fryer that best fits your household.

Second chance like new
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Second chance like new | Hot air | 5 to 6 people | Load capacity 1,7 kg
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