Getting started with your Epson printer

You bought an Epson printer and want to use it as soon as possible. We'll tell you how to set up the printer. We'll also explain how you connect it to your smartphone and what to do when your printer isn't working. This way, you can get started with your new Epson as soon as possible.

Set up your printer with a PC or laptop

Man sets up Epson XP 6100 with a computer

Do you want to set up your Epson printer with a computer or laptop? We'll tell you how to do this. The setup takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Some Epson printers come with a promotion. With this promotion, you get a longer warranty period for your printer if you register via Epson. We're happy to explain how you sign up for this promotion.

Set up your printer with a smartphone or tablet

Man sets up Epson XP 6100 with a smartphone

Do you prefer to set up the printer with your smartphone or tablet? We explain to you how to do this. We also tell you how to set up and use the Epson iPrint app.

Help, my printer doesn't work!

Man refills paper of Epson inkjet printer

Do your prints come out of the printer covered in streaks or, even worse, did the paper get stuck in the printer? We'll tell you how to solve this error, so you can quickly get back to printing.

Printing photos, how do I do that?

Man looks at print from photo printer

There is a lot to keep in mind when you print photos. You need the right paper, the right color cartridges, and you need to know how to print without borders. We explain what to look out for when you print photos.

Epson ReadyPrint

Met Epson ReadyPrint zit je nooit meer zonder inkt. Epson verstuurt cartridges kosteloos en op tijd wanneer ze bijna op zijn. Wij vertellen je meer over de printplannen en voordelen van ReadyPrint.

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