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How do I extend the battery life of my MacBook?

Does the battery of your Apple MacBook drain too quickly? Demanding programs and certain settings make your battery run out faster. Luckily, there are all kinds of tricks to make your battery last a little bit longer. We'll tell you how you can make sure the battery of your Apple MacBook will last longer.


Tips battery life MacBook

This is how you use your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro longer on a single charge:

  • Tip 1: dim or turn off lighting
  • Tip 2: turn off wireless connections
  • Tip 3: change power settings
  • Tip 4: close apps
  • Tip 5: check battery health

Dim or switch off lighting

Both the screen as well as the keyboard of the MacBook have lighting. The higher the brightness of this light, the more power your MacBook uses. Your Apple MacBook drains a lot faster if the screen brightness is always at 100%. On the MacBook and the MacBook Air, you can use the function keys to decrease the brightness. On the MacBook Pro, you can do so with the Touch Bar. In addition, I turn off 'Automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes' via 'System Preferences'.

Turn off wireless connections

Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if you're not using these. This is useful if you want to watch movies on your Apple MacBook during a long flight. Wireless connections take up a lot of energy even if you're not using them. By turning these off, you make sure the battery of your MacBook drains less quickly. To turn off Bluetooth, click on the Bluetooth icon in System Preferences and select Turn Off Bluetooth. Go to Network to turn off WiFi.

Change power settings

Change power settings

Your MacBook will last longer if you change the power settings. Click on the battery icon in the top right corner of your screen, click Energy Saver preferences panel, and toggle Automatic Graphics Switching on. Choose the option to put the hard drives in sleep mode when you use the battery. Also turn off Power Nap. That way, your MacBook will no longer check for incoming emails and updates during sleep mode.

Close apps

Even if you're not using apps, they can still affect your battery life unnoticed. If you click on the battery icon in the top right corner of your screen, you see apps that use a lot of battery power. Close these apps if you're not using them. Want more insight into the battery consumption of your apps? Go to Activity Monitor on your MacBook to see exactly which apps use a lot of power.

Check battery health

Check battery health

Does the battery of your MacBook still drain quickly, despite all these tips? Perhaps you need to replace it. You can easily check this in macOS. Hold down the Option key and click on the battery icon again. This menu will tell you if the battery needs to be replaced.

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