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Coolblue's Choice iPhone X chargers

The best product for you, according to our customers and experts.

Coolblue's Choice is the best product for you, according to our customers and experts. This product is hardly ever returned, and has the best reviews. You can be sure that you'll be happy with your choice.

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Our choice for a fast charger without cable for your iPhone or Samsung smartphone | 20 W power
Delivered tomorrow
  • With Power Delivery, your battery is back up to 40% or 50% after half an hour of charging.
  • This charger is suitable for all iPhones from the iPhone 8, all Samsung smartphones from the S-series, the Note series, the Samsung A52/A72.
  • Thanks to the good price-quality ratio, this Belkin BoostCharge Charger without Cable is Coolblue's Choice.
Our choice for a charger for laptops with USB-C charging port | 65 W power
Delivered tomorrow
  • With 65W of power, you can charge most laptops with a USB-C charging port fast.
  • The charger is convenient for travelling thanks to its compact size and the replaceable connectors.
  • Other products in this price range don't have these properties, which is why the Anker PowerPort III is Coolblue's Choice.

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