Advice on gaming monitors

The right gaming monitor can make the difference between winning and losing. Which monitor you choose depends on the type of games you play, your playing style and of course your budget. The advice articles on this page will help you on your way.

Help with your decision

LG ROG Republic of Gamers monitor help choosing the screen Hz Hertz

Not sure which monitor you need? View these pages to find out which monitor is most suitable for you.

Screen quality and speed

Refresh rate response time 1ms millisecond fastest delay 60 FPS frames per second

If you play fast games such as shooters or racing games, it is important that your monitor can keep track of your gameplay. Read more about refresh rate and adaptive sync technologies here.

Ultrawide and a 2 screen setup

Curved screen display image 2 screens dual ultrawide monitor 16:9 size

Is a screen with a 16: 9 aspect ratio not enough for you? We have already extensively tested gaming on an ultrawide monitor for you.

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