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Help choosing a monitor

You're going to buy a new monitor. But which monitor suits you? And which specifications should you pay attention to? We'll give you advice about inch sizes, usage situations, refresh rate, resolution, and more. We'll give you tips to choose the monitor that suits you best.

Which monitor suits you?

Which monitor do you choose?

You're not sure which monitor you're going to buy yet, but you do know what you need it for. Great, because we'll give you advice about the right monitor for your use.

Gaming monitors

Which gaming monitor do you choose?

Are you a seasoned gamer? Or did you just get started? We'll explain everything about gaming monitors and help you choose the right gaming monitor.

Monitors for business use

Dual setup with 2 monitors for business use

Looking for a monitor for the office? Whether you work in a large office or from home, we'll give you advice about the right monitor for your workplace.

Advice on image and resolution

Man working on UltraWide monitor, looking at the resolution

Advice on connectors and cables

Man connecting an HDMI cable to a monitor

Monitors have different connections to connect them to a PC or laptop, such as HDMI or DisplayPort. Read more about choosing the right cable here.

Reviews from our experts

Man playing Fifa on ultrawide monitor for console gaming

Our monitor experts have extensively tested a number of popular models. They're happy to share their findings with you for some extra advice.

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