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Unfortunately, it's not possible to redeem a discount code or gift card after you've placed an order. If the package hasn't left our warehouse yet, you can cancel the order under 'My orders' in My Coolblue. Place your order again and use the discount code or gift card.

You can find the expiration date in the email with the voucher code or on the gift gard itself. Did you receive the gift card as a gift? We can use the code on your gift card to find out how much money is on it. Please contact us and we'll check it for you.

Check your gift card or the email with the gift card code to see if:

  • you met the minimum order amount;
  • the gift card has expired.

What if your gift card should work, but the error notification still pops up? Contact us or send us an e-mail with explanation and a screenshot. This is the fastest way for us to help you.

During checkout, click "Redeem gift card" as your payment method. Enter your code(s) here. You can also use your gift card in our stores.

Tip: do you have the Gift Box with the zipper? Make sure you use the gift card at once, or the remaining amount will expire. Go to the gift card page for the terms.

Yes! You can buy our gift cards online or in the store, including:

  • Coolblue store
  • Primera
  • Jumbo
  • Bruna
  • Cigo

You can choose an amount between € 5 and € 150.

Did you only save the code of the gift card and do you want to know what its value is? Use the balance checker to see the value of your gift card. Didn't work? Please contact us or send us an email. We can use the code on your gift card to find out how much money is on it.

Before you can use your VVV gift card at Coolblue, it must be converted to a Coolblue gift card. Follow the steps on the VVV Gift Cards website.

You can find this 6-digit code on the bottom right, under the scratch layer on the card.

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