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You can only change your order if you haven't received a shipping confirmation yet. Contact our Customer Service to adjust the name or address of your order.

Add products to your digital shopping cart via the big green button. If you place the order with your Coolblue account, you can order ever faster.

Would you rather speak to an employee? Please call our Customer Service.

You can easily cancel it in My Coolblue. You can only cancel if your order hasn't left the warehouse yet. Was your order already shipped? You can refuse it at the door or return it for free via the online return form.

Will your order be delivered by Budbee? Contact our Customer Service to cancel your order.

How you can change the address of a pending order depends on the delivery service that delivers your package.

1. Delivery by PostNL Haven't received a shipping confirmation? Please contact our customer service to change your address. If you've already received a shipping confirmation, you can change your address via "Change delivery" in the Track & Trace of PostNL. If your package is already too far in the delivery process, this is unfortunately no longer possible. Not even via Customer Service. There'll be a notification on your Track & Trace page. You can ask the residents of the wrong address if you can pick up the package there or ask them to refuse your package. Your order will be returned to Coolblue and you'll receive a refund within 5 days.

2. Delivery by Coolblue or Budbee Please contact our customer service to change your address. If your order is already into the delivery process, the delivery time may also need to be adjusted if you change the address.

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