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Delivery and pickup options

Are there hygienic measures regarding the delivery?

Yes. The measures depend on who delivers your order and whether you've ordered installation services.

Small products
For small packages, the delivery driver will put the package at the door as soon as you open it and they will sign for the delivery. The delivery driver will ask you a question, so you can be sure that your order is delivered to you.

Large products with standard delivery
We deliver large products, such as washing machines and fridges, to just over the threshold of your house. We'll take your old product with us if it's ready at the doorstep of your house. Our delivery drivers wear face masks and will sign for the delivery themselves. We keep a distance of 1.5 meters and we ask you to do the same.

Large products with extra services
For some products, we offer extra installation services and we still carry those out. With extra safety measures, of course We'll explain what you can prepare for this in these videos:

Do you still deliver orders at home?

Yes. If you choose delivery, your package will be delivered to your home.

Can I also pick up my package at a PostNL point?

Yes. Indicate that you want to pick up your package at a PostNL point when you place the order. Then, choose a PostNL point in your area. After paying for your order online, you can pick it up the following work day from 15:00. Your order will be ready for you until 14 days after the indicated pickup date.

You can't pick up unreleased pre-orders at a PostNL point. This also applies to large appliances like white goods or larger TVs. We'll notify you in your shopping cart, of course.

How does free delivery work?

If you order today before 23:59, your package will be delivered for free tomorrow. Even on Sundays. If you choose a different day, delivery is still free.

How do I recycle my old device?

You can do so in various way. Whether you bought something or not.

__ Did you order a new device? __ You can often give your device to the delivery drivers to get it recycled in an environmentally-friendly way. Make sure it's not bigger than your new device and that you've prepared your product for the delivery driver. Is your order being delivered by PostNL Please hand in your old product at a PostNL pickup point or give it to the delivery driver. If you give it to the delivery driver, you have to put a shipping label from PostNL on it (

Didn't order a new device? You can recycle your old device in the following ways:

  • Visit one of our stores.
  • Don't live near a store? You can take your old device to a recycling park in your area.
  • Do you live near a PostNL pickup point? You can ship small devices to this address: Coolblue Recycling Antwoordnummer 60350 5000 VB Tilburg

Can I choose a time slot for the delivery of my product?

Yes. For large products delivered by CoolblueBezorgt, you can choose a 4-hour time slot for a fee. Depending on the day and time slot you choose, you'll have to pay between €9 and €39. You can choose the time slot when you place your order. After scheduling the delivery, you can't change the time slot anymore. You have the following options:

  • Morning: delivery between 07:30 and 12:00 (between 09:00 and 13:00 on Sunday)
  • Afternoon: delivery between 12:00 and 17:00 (between 13:00 and 18:00 on Sunday)
  • Evening: delivery between 17:00 and 22:00 (€ 0.99).

For all products delivered by PostNL or Budbee, you can choose standard delivery between 8:00 and 22:00 (between 10:00 and 20:00 on Sunday) or evening delivery between 17:00 and 22:00 (€ 0.99).

How does evening delivery on weekdays work?

If you choose evening delivery, PostNL or Budbee will deliver your package the next working day, between 17:00 and 22:00. Evening delivery costs € 0.99 and you can select it when your place your order. Don't see it? Unfortunately, we don't offer this service for your products.

We deliver larger products, like a washing machines, with CoolblueBezorgt. We also do this at night, but not on Sundays. When you order, choose the paid evening time slot on the day that suits you best.

Can I also pick up my package at a Budbee box?

Yes. This is only possible if your package is delivered by Budbee and you've received a shipping confirmation via email. Via the Budbee app, you can easily send your package to a box in your neighborhood.

Does 'Ordered today, delivered tomorrow' still apply?

We'll do everything to keep our promise of 'Ordered today, delivered tomorrow'. The demand is very high right now. As a result, packages might be delayed. Our delivery vans are also full quickly due to the rush. As soon as you place your order, you'll see the available delivery moments. Choose a moment that suits you best.

Can I receive my order today?

If a product is in store in the store, you can pick it up today. On the product page, you can see in which stores a product is in stock. Click the button "Pick up in store".

Can I pick up my order in the store?

Yes, you can reserve a product online by selecting pickup in store when you place the order.

  • If the product is in stock in the nearest store, you can pick it up today.
  • If the product isn't in stock, you can reserve it and pick it up the next day.
  • You can pay for it in the store.

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