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Delivery and installation of white goods and kitchen appliances

  • Once your order has been shipped, you'll receive an email with an order confirmation with a Track & Trace code that allows you to track your order. Always keep an eye on this for the most up-to-date delivery information.
  • On the night before the delivery, you'll receive a 1-hour time slot before 05:00. We do our best to deliver your product within that time slot.
  • If our own delivery service is delivering your order, the delivery drivers will call you fifteen minutes before they arrive.

Didn't receive any of the email above? Please contact our customer service:

  • Call 010 7988 999
  • Ask your question on Facebook or Twitter
  • [Send an email] ( "Send an email")
  • WhatsApp us via 06 26652583

For each product, you can choose the desired delivery day when you place your order. We deliver every day, including Sundays.

For most products that our own delivery service delivers, you can also choose a time slot that suits you best. You have the following options:

  • Morning: delivery between 7:30 and 12:00 (between 9:00 and 13:00 on Sunday)
  • Afternoon: delivery between 12:00 and 17:00 (between 13:00 and 18:00 on Sunday)
  • Evening: delivery between 17:00 and 22:00 (not on Sunday) These time slots are subject to costs that vary from € 9 to € 39, depending on the chosen day and the chosen time slot. You can also choose free delivery:
  • Full day: delivery between 7:30 and 22:00 (between 9:00 and 18:00 on Sundays) You can choose a time slot when placing your order, in the step after your shopping cart. Once your delivery has been scheduled, you can no longer change the time slot.

For smaller parcels that PostNL delivers, you can choose standard delivery between 8:00 and 22:00 (between 11:00 and 19:00 on Sundays), or evening delivery between 18:00 and 22:00 (€ 0.99).

Delivery of product without additional services Do you want us to pick up your old appliance? Put it next to your front door and read our do-it-yourself tips on how to place and connect your product.

Delivery of a product with extra connection service Prepare for a safe delivery of your product by following the following rules.

  • Open all doors that the delivery drivers have to go through and remove obstacles.
  • Disinfect areas the delivery drivers have to touch. For example, your banister and the spot your product will be placed. If we're going to build in a product, we also ask you to disinfect the front panel handles and the baseboards.
  • Do you have an old product that we’ll pick up for you? Disconnect and disinfect it.

Extra security measures during delivery

  • Keep 1.5 meters away from our delivery drivers. Not as friendly, but much more safe.
  • Always have a maximum of 2 people in the same room. For example, are our delivery drivers working on the installation in the attic? We ask you to stay out of that room.

Are you a visual person? We've also explained the guidelines in this video.

We can't deliver to the Wadden Island ourselves, so we use island carriers. That's why delivery works a little different form the standard delivery indicated on our website.

Choose delivery day
When you place your order, you choose a delivery day. This is the day in which we hand your order over to the island carrier. The carrier will contact you to make a delivery appointment within 2 working days.

Installation service
Island carriers don't offer an installation services. That's why you can't order our installation service if you live on the Wadden Islands. Did you already order and pay for the service? Contact our customer service and we'll make sure your money is refunded.

Hand over old product
You can't hand over an old product like your old washing machine to the island carrier to have it recycled.

Yes, as long as the appliance is similar in size. You don't have to register the product in advance. Prepare the following before the delivery drivers arrive:

Washing machines and dryers without extra service

  • Disconnect your appliance from the water supply and drain. We have an instruction video for this.
  • Empty and dry the appliance.
  • Place the product near your front door, so our delivery drivers can take it with them right away.

Washing machines and dryers with extra service

  • We take the old product with us from the place it's installed in your home.
  • Disconnect your appliance from the water supply and drain. We have an instruction video for this.
  • Empty and dry the appliance.
  • Move other objects, so your product isn't blocked by any other appliances.
  • Make sure the appliance isn't blocked by other appliances and isn't connected to a pull switch.

Dishwashers, fridges, and freezers without extra service

  • Empty and clean your appliance.
  • Place it near your front door, so our delivery drivers can take it with them right away.

Ovens and microwaves without extra service

  • Empty and clean your appliance.
  • Freestanding ovens and microwaves without extra service are delivered by PostNL. They can also take your old product with them if you put it in a box and stick a shipping label on it. On this page, you can read how to prepare this step by step.

Packages via PostNL
Small packages are delivered by PostNL. On this page, we'll explain what you need to do to give your old product to PostNL.

__ Standard delivery__ At the moment, we deliver products up to the threshold that gives access to your home. This can also be your back door, if it's accessible through your garden. In an apartment building, we mean your own front door. Is that not on the ground floor? We'll deliver up to the 4th floor if there are stairs. If your building has an elevator, we can reach any floor. We're happy to take your old product with us, if it's ready near the door.

Delivery with extra installation service We offer extra installation services for a number of white goods. For example, a connection service for washing machines and dryers. We'll lift your product to the desired spot in the house (even if it's in the attic) and connect it there for you. We'll then take your old product with us from that same spot. You can add these services to your order on the page of your chosen product, if this service is available for that product. Unfortunately, not all installation services are available if it's busy.

Due to large demand, our build-in services aren't available at the moment. But don't worry. With these DIY-tips, you can install your product yourself.

We can't plan the build-in service at a later time for you. That's because we don't know when it'll be available again. Keep an eye on the page of your favorite product. As soon as we can build it in again, you can choose the services on the product page.

That differs per product. You can select the extra services on the page of the product you've chosen. Unfortunately, not all installation services are available if there's large demand.

For your safety and the safety of our installers, make sure you keep a distance of 1.5 meters during the delivery and installation of your new product. Watch this video to see how we can ensure safe delivery together.

Washing machines and dryers

  • We can place your product in the desired spot and connect it for you as well. from € 19.95

  • If you have a washing machine and dryer, we can place them on top of each other using a stacking kit. € 69.95

  • If you have a pull switch and water connector, we can connect your appliance and disconnect the old one for you. € 34.95

We'll take your old appliance with us. We do ask you to disconnect and clean it in advance. In this video, you can see how to do that. If you ordered the extra connection service, we'll take the old device from the place it was installed. If you didn't order this service, we'll take your old product with us if it's ready at the front door. Free

Dishwashers, fridges, and freezers

  • We'll place your product in the desired spot in the house, level it, and connect it. Free to € 29.95

  • We'll take your old appliance with us if you've emptied and cleaned it. If you've selected build-in service, we'll also take take out the old appliance for you. If you didn't get this service, we ask you to take out the appliance yourself so we can take it with us. Free

On the Wadden Islands, you can't use our installation service, because our delivery partner will deliver your product.

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